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Some embarrassing or "plain wrong" moments where I should have put the camera away. Angry beggars, big waves (when I learnt the equation water+camera=no-no-no), crooked salesmen/policemen etc.

Growing up in Italy, France, Montecarlo, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco. The very first video episode of my life: my first 6 years, in my first 6 countries...

Sailing is my favorite way of locomotion (after tanks, but those are hard to get): join me on pirogues in West-African lakes, canoes in the Mekong river, speed boats in the Amazon jungle, large ships in the Beagle channel and the Magellan strait...

40 years in 4 minutes, that's one heck of a timelapse! From my birth to the present time, 4 decades lived in ""fast and furious"" mode, across all continents...

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

Filmed by Fabio in the following locations:
Benin, Abomey - 2013
And pictures taken in about 40 other countries during a 40-year period!

Being able to retire at forty is one of my greatest achievements. In my '20s, after only 1 week of work, I realized that I was ripe for retirement: my brain couldn't compute the "9 to 5" way of life. The escape from the rat race took me 15 years, thousands of self-development / finance books and dozens of works in third-world countries. All worth it!

Traveling the world means using all types of vehicles, from camels to hot air balloons, from dune buggies to kayaks, from steam locomotives to elephants! Here is a brief compilation taken from my home videos, and inspired by Jules Verne's book...

I feel blessed to have met some wonderful ladies during my nomadic life, of all shapes, colors and religions. I am equally honored that, after all these years, most are still my best friends! Here is a tribute video to God's most wonderful creation (no, not Nutella, I'm talking about women here).

A few of my favorite outdoor pastimes - football (that would be soccer, for some of you guys), racing, zip lining and surfing... enjoyed around the world.

I thought I reached the epitome of weirdness with my video ""Life, Death and other Tricks"" but this one is probably worse... A compilation of miscellaneous topics collected from my home videos: abandoned lighthouses, being lost in the middle of nowhere (with or without guides) and embracing it joyfully, talking to random strangers... and yes, that time I tried to film the African landscape through the pierce ear of a Masai warrior.

For the love of fluffiness (and palindromes, as I wanted to end the movie in the same way I started it), here is the second chapter of the ""Fluffy Beasts"" video, ""The Return of the Revenge"". More fluffiness worldwide: llamas, Siberian tigers, horses, monkeys, rabbits, elephants, raccoons, dolphins, capybaras, you name it! With a special bonus: a remedy for those unable to connect with animals - ""as seen on TV"", and with some rock-solid endorsement.

Here we go, the last chapter of my LifeTour movie! A quick ""outro"", showing the consequences of too much traveling. Many times I woke up in the morning and thought ""Where am I?""

It has been a pleasure filming these videos, I hope that my ""diary"" will inspire you to explore the world and live to the fullest. A big THANK YOU to my family, friends, all the people I met around the world, and to you for taking the time to watch my videos! See you again in 40 years, hopefully...