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Hi, I’m Fabio. This website showcases my living experiences in more than 70 countries over the course of my first 40 years. It contains several thousand pictures and movies I shot in more than 2000 destinations worldwide. Hopefully it can inspire you to live to the fullest. As Thoreau wrote, ``the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation``; don’t be one of them… Explore the beauty, enjoy the adventures, spread love, discover life. Wonder, wander... amaze yourself. Inspire me!


“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller


In addition to popular tourist destinations (from Rome to Rio, from Buddhist temples to Caribbean beaches) you will also discover remote ghost towns at the end of the world, interviews with voodoo priests in West Africa, fluffy jungle animals that only ask to be hugged, explorations of deserts, caves, glaciers, pyramids etc., tips on buying coca leaves and fried tarantulas, piloting a plane over an active volcano, touring the best art exhibitions, hot air ballooning over lunar landscapes, French-kissing dolphins, scuba-diving with sharks, and many more experiences that will make their way into your bucket list.


Click on the adjacent video for an overview of what this website has to offer… Then, click on the map below to browse the destinations by country, or check out the navigation buttons on the top of the page for my selection of the best locations, pictures and videos. Enjoy!