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Blogs of the Month

Adventurous Kate

Kate is showing us how we can travel the world on our own - easily, safely, and adventurously

Young Adventuress

Funny reports of a young lady’s adventures around the world

Happy Frog Travels

It is all about travelling! – Get the most out of it

Happy Philippines

A travel blog showcasing all of the best the Philippines has to offer

Happy Wanderlust

For all who feel that strong desire to travel

Haute Compass

This is a travel site that attempts to be your exclusive travel guide

Heather on her Travels

These pages attempt to inspire others by providing the best destination information along with tips

Hecktic Travels

Pete and Dalene are long-term digital nomads, who have a simple travel philosophy “no possessions, no plans, just travels”. Join them!

Heels and Wheels

Heels and Wheels is a travel site that wants to get you “there”

Helen in Wonderlust

Check out Helen’s wonderful and inspiring travel blog for great tips, stories and much more

Hey Nadine!

Live. Laugh. Explore - Nadine Sykora’s blog with plenty travel videos and vlogs


Join Jason as he transitions from his boring cubicle job to an excited backpacker life

Hiking in Hong Kong

A hiking blog where you get to explore the city of Hong Kong

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

This cultural travel blog is written by a 50-something woman

Holes in My Soles

A shoemaker is travelling around the world

Holiday Backpack

For those seeking holidays or backpacking adventures

Holiday Travels Blog

A guide on how to have the best holiday travels

Holidays in Egypt

Travel tips and deals to Egypt

Honeymoon Always

Travel site for couples who never want to leave the honeymoon stage

Honeymoon Holidays

Travel tips for couples on the go

Hot Spot Journal

The world’s undiscovered destinations

House Sitting Guide

Tips, advice and guides for those interested in house sitting

How To Travel With Pets

For travellers with dogs, cats and other pets

Indie Travel Podcast

Free travel advice, online/audio guides, travel podcasts & magazine

I’m Not Home

Join Maddy & Steve as they travel around the globe

Imperative Travel

Highlighting only the imperative travel destinations worth visiting

Indefinite Adventure

The adventures of Sam & Zab, a British couple with insatiable wanderlust

Indie Traveller

Marek shares stories and useful tips from various countries

Inside South East Asia

For travel advice and tips for SE Asia

Inspired Globetrotters

Inspiring you to join the open road

Inspiring to Travel

A traveller sharing tips and inspiring others to travel

Instatog Around the World

iPhone photos from around the world

Insured For Travel

Travel blog geared towards providing tips for safe travel

Intrepid Times

Travel stories by Nathan James Thomas

I Should Log Off

Log off and live your world, one adventure at a time

iTravel iShoot iPhone

Amazing travel photos that inspire

It Started In Asia

Where a passion for travel and photography began

It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog

Follow Annie’s blog and you will have lots of fun

Jandals and A Backpack

Alaina is a nomad Kiwi who likes to share her tips for backpacking on a budget

Jasmine Wanders

Backpacking in South America

Jemma Eat World

Jemma’s blog is focused on her two passions; travel & food

Jessie on a Journey

Jessie loves nothing more than her backpack

Jet Set Citizen

Celebrating global citizens in pursuit of an excellent life

Johnny Africa

Living the expat life in the Rainbow Nation

Jon is Travelling

Destinations and teaching around the world

Jones Around The World

Travel and photography blog by Dave Anderson

Journey with Jess Jones

Passions for travel, photography & health/fitness

Journey Scout

A travel blog scouting out great adventures and journeys

Journey Unknown

A blog about cultures, travel tips and remote working - all on a budget

Journey Wonders

Your best travel guide to Mexico and other parts of the World

Joyful Leisure

Taking a leisure approach to life

Just Chuckin’ It

Me & trusty Chucks around the world

Just One Way Ticket

Sab is half German, half Italian, and currently living in Istanbul

Justin Was Here

Justin Jones shares travel info/tips, telling stories of his travels

Kaleidoscopic Wandering

Journey featuring travel stories, tips & Las Vegas

A young couple is working online and enjoying the World at the same time

Kaypacha Travels

Travels of the everyday World

Keep Calm and Travel

Leave everything behind. Realize your dream. See the world

Kevin Kato

Kevin Kato is a travel writer, author and blogger

Kyle the Vagabond

Travel blog aims to help travellers through trusted personal experience

Landings and Takeoffs

How to jet set on a budget

Lash World Tour

Cultural insights, travel tips and tales of adventure

Lateral Movements

Lauren is working & exploring her way around the World

Latin Abroad

Tales of a Nomadic translator

Latitude Ecuador

Blog about living and traveling in Ecuador

Laugh Quotes

Where travel and adventure meet fun – A blog by Rhonda Albom

Laura The Explorer

Stories & advice about budget travel & backpacking, from first-hand experience

Legal Nomads

Showing that even lawyers can have fun

Life Cruiser

A down-to-earth travel site that focuses on travel abroad

Life Tailored

Style, travelling, and all what it takes to be a modern gentleman


The largest online travel blog: on the road since birth (1973), Fabio has been living in over 65 countries during his first 40 years! A true lifelong nomad, his Life Tour website showcases thousands of his pictures and movies, while sharing his extensive knowledge on travelling, living abroad and, most importantly, retiring early…


Because life has more spice than you think

Little Yayas

A travel blog in Little Yayas

Live Less Ordinary

A guide to travel in SE Asia by Allan Wilson and Fanfan Narach

Living Nomad Style

Normal rejected & adventure accepted

Living the Dream

Going further, for cheaper & living your dream

Liz en España

About a strong desire to travel

LL World Tour

The World Travels of LLWorldTour aka Lisa Lubin

Locomotion Scotland

All the help you’ll need for trips to Scotland

Lola Akinmade

Nigerian-born Lola’s photography/writing characterized by vibrancy/hope

Looking For The Sweet Spot

In search of life’s best moments

Lost Intentions

The best time to travel is now, no more lost intentions

Low Cost RTW

Travel blog guide to fly around the World while saving money


Between the moon & the sea, a harbor for travellers: our extraordinary World. Find it. Know it. Love it.

Luxury Dream Escape

A travel blog focused on the finer things in life

Luxury Travel Blog

The ultimate travel blog for all luxury things

Maiden Voyage

Travelling for youngsters

Mai Travel Site

Discover the world – around the world adventure & photography

Mach World

World travels with a “why-not” attitude


Ideas & inspiration for combining a full-time job with part-time travel

Mallory on Travel

Making every day an adventure

Man on the Lam

Shake the shackles & escape through travel

Man vs Clock

Putting a time limit on fear, inspiring World travel since 2010

Man vs World

The life and times of a Kiwi abroad

A travel blog to inspire you to travel


A blog on Southern Tuscany

Meanwhile U and Me

All around Indonesia by Jalan

Melted Stories

The trials and tribulations of a traveling few

Mexico to New York

A seven month exploration of badlands, baseball and burgers

Midwestern Adventures

There’s more here than corn and snow


Experience the Freedom, purity, counterculture, etc.

Minimal World

Your world in a minimal way

Money For Travel

A blog that teaches you how to make money while travelling

Monkey Brewster

A travel blog with a twist, a tail and some fur

Monkeys, Mountains & Maultaschen

Exploring Europe for adventures, cuisine & monkeys

Mo Saffer

Travel tips, tricks & pics

Ms Traveling Pants

More of a good times and stories

My Carib Spot

Caribbean website and blog offering information, advice and inspiration

My Faces And Places

For matured travellers who are enjoying comfort with luxury

My Friend From Zurich

Manu & Nina are based in Zurich offering advice not found in books

My Funky Travel

A travel blog offering up funky tips, advice and travel stories

My Several Worlds

World travel guide with a focus on travel photography & info on Asia

My Spanish Adventure

What to see in Spain while learning the lingo & living cheap

My 30’s Travel Blog

A travel blog geared towards those traveling in their 30’s

My Travel Affairs

A travel blog documenting life’s affairs

My Wanderlist

An adventure travel blog highlighting the best off-the-map travel experiences and the deeper meaning of travel

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