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Blogs of the Month

Adventurous Kate

Kate is showing us how we can travel the world on our own - easily, safely, and adventurously

Young Adventuress

Funny reports of a young lady’s adventures around the world

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

Unique places visited by Aaron

A Backpacker’s Tale

Hitting the road bumps, so you don’t have to experience them.  A travel guide by backpackers for backpackers


Your source on the move

A Capricious Compass

Travel and experience blog by Lavina

A Crafty Traveler

Amanda is a Canadian living in the UK, discovering new things daily

A Cruising Couple

Dan and Casey are two lovebirds who are traveling the world

Active Planet Travels

Inspirational way of backpacking around the World

A Dangerous Business

A travel blog that is worth to browse through

Exploring every corner of New England with a goal of sharing great travel tips

Adventurous Kate

Kate is showing us how we can travel the world on our own - easily, safely, and adventurously

Adrian’s Travel Tales

Solo world traveller’s adventures

Adventure Travel & Hiking

Tim Moon’s travel blog takes you on a journey to explore the world, one trail at a time

Adventure Vacations Blog

A travel blog geared towards those with adventurous spirits while still on vacation

Adventurous Miriam

One girl, her passion and the World

Adventurous Travels

For those passionate about travelling

Africa Travel Information Blog

Information on African safaris, tourism and travelling

Ageless Globe Travels

Jim & Susan love the adventure of independent travelling without the limitations of organized tours

A Girl And Her Travels

Follow Polly as she travels and teaches in Russia

Alex in Wanderland

Working and playing around the world. Alex has a wonderful travel site that surely inspire and help others

Ali’s Adventures

Winding Ali’s way through the 7 continents of the world and sharing all of the travel experiences along with tips and advice

Almost Fearless

This is a space for active parents who aren't ready to stop moving just because they have a kid…

A Little Adrift

World travel stories sharing culture, perspective and insights.  A travel blog with an emphasis on food & culture

A Luxury Travel Blog

For those who enjoy the finer things in life

All Colores

The travel blog celebrates the everyday and extraordinaire joys of life through travel

All Out Adventure Travel

The outdoor adventure travels road diary

Amateur Traveller

Travel podcast and blog

America For Travelers

A destination guide for those traveling in the USA

America Travel Destination Guide

Your destination guide to travel all over America - discovering the best America offers in terms of culture

American Travel Blogger

A blog featuring stories from the USA and beyond

Am I There Yet?

A travel blog that asks the important question: “Am I there yet?”

Ana Travels

Ana from Argentina travels and lives in various cities

Andy Goes to Asia

A travel blog in Asia

AngloItalian, Follow Us

Backpacking couple blogs about their favourite travel subjects including destinations, travel photos and advice

Anywhere But Home

One of the top travel blogs for things related to anywhere but home – a travel photography blog

A Place To Search

This travel site highlights the best places

Arctic Nomad

For a nomad, travel is a lifestyle not a hobby - this site showcases the best in travel and backpacking adventures on the road

Around The World in 80 Jobs

80 jobs chronicles - Turner travels the world, hustling to find interesting jobs…

Around the World “L”

6-foot tall Boston English Teacher is learning through travel - her site also showcases her passion for teaching

Around This World

A great travel blog showcasing stories, events and tips from around the globe

Art of Adventuring

Independent experience and adventure on one site

Art of SCUBA diving

Justin, owner and founder of Art of Scuba Diving, is on a mission to scuba dive and document the top 100 locations on Earth

Asia Travel Tales

Asia Travel Tales Blog covers all of the best travel tales, tips and advice from all over Asia to inspire and encourage others

Aspiring Backpacker

The one site you need if you’re suffering from wanderlust.  The aspiring backpacker is one who has itchy feet

As We Travel

Travel blog for young travellers with many travel videos and great advice

A Taste For Travel

A site for those passionate about travelling  - a taste for travel will leave you hungry for more travel info

A Travel Couple

Follow Scott and Rachel as they travel around the world together

A Traveller’s Journey

Nico is a world traveller who is passionate about learning languages

Aussie on the Road

An Aussie guy’s travels around Australia & the world – he shares his quirky adventures and personal travel stories

Authentic Food Quest

Claire and Rosemary experience authentic food around the world

A Wandering Sole

Travel blog, backpacking advice & marathon running. This is the travel site that chronicles beyond just travelling

A Week at the Beach

Travel industry insider uncovering the best of Mexico and the Caribbean

Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina travelled through Latin America first and is now is continuing her journeys around the world

Backpack Diary

A couple’s travel blog

Backpacker Banter

A travel blog providing reviews, advice and banter for around the world travel

Backpacker Crush

On the road with backpacks only

Backpacking Bali

Check out this guide to find out why Bali is the jewel of Indonesia

Backpacking Diplomacy

Andy’s travel blog shares culture, stories, travel tips and more

Backpacking Travel Blog

Audrey and Samuel share their backpacking adventures in the form of HD photography and travel videos

Backpacking in China

Backpacking travel blog and guide for budget travellers in China

Backpacking in New Zealand

The ultimate guide to travel and holidays in New Zealand from Matt with tips, information and more

Backpacking Holidays

Holidays around the world catered specifically for the avid backpacker including the backpacking essential tips, stories and guides


Travel the world with Jonny

Backpacking Travel TV

Samuel and Audrey share their adventures around the world in the form of quirky travel videos that surely inspire

Backpack Me

This incredible travel resource will have you covered from A to Z

Backpacks and Bunkbeds

A backpacking journal with a focus on quirky and off beat locations

Banker in the Sun

Banker by day, wordsmith by night, nomadic explorer of places near and far

Beers & Beans

A wonderful travel site from Beth and Randy, a travelling photographer and journalist duo who loves to explore far-off corners

Belize Adventure

Great information related to travel, tips, advice and guides to make your trip fun

Be My Travel Muse

If you want travel advice check out this blog which will no doubt give you a wealth of information

Be On The Road

A wonderful travel site featuring travel & photography with Sankara Subramanian

Berlin Experiences

A travel and history blog all about the city of Berlin

Beyond Cebu

Go beyond travel and reach unique experience

Beyond My Front Door

Anwar shares his travel adventures from a life over the threshold

Big World Small Budget

Traveling around the world doesn’t have to necessarily be expensive as this travel blog shows you how to be low-cost

Wandering the World with Brian

Bitten by the Travel Bug

For those who have and also those who haven’t been bitten by the travel bug…

Bizarre Foods of the World

A travel site that chronicles the most unique, bizarre and outrageous dining options from around the world

Bjorn Free

This blog is part of a larger project – a free book and a web, where he teaches the World how to travel off the beaten path

Boarding Today

A travel and photography blog by Koen Blanquart

Blonde Gypsy

Larissa runs an incredibly quirky travel blog that will surely inspire one to want to live the life of a wandering gypsy

Blondie at Worldz End

A travel blog featuring great stories and travel narrative

Bohemian Trails

The best travel tips, stories and advice for the Bohemian style traveller

Bohemian Traveler

The Bohemian traveller will encourage you to travel, experience & live more to make the most of your life

Bold Travel

Adventure travel photography and activity guides by Adam and Meghan

A curated directory of useful travel sites, travel videos, photos, and news

Borderless Travels

Yak is an experienced traveller who has checked off more than 30 countries over a series of trips

Boreding Pass

Unique travel photography from a guy’s journey around the world

Born 2 Travel

Travel information and advice that will help you plan your next journey – in both Italian and English

Breakaway Backpacker

For those who are willing to take a chance, take a risk, make a break & break away this is the site for you

Breathe Dream Go

A travel blog about India

Bren On The Road

Travel stories, insights and tips for helping you travel safely and cheaply

Bridges and Balloons

This travel blog features the dynamic duo of Victoria and Steve, a couple of digital nomads from London


Lifestyle, travel and beauty

Britain For Travellers

If you’re looking for travel tips, advice and guides for travel in Britain check out this site for information

Britain Outdoors

Britain is an incredible region worth exploring.  Nothing is better than getting outside and checking out outdoor activities

Britain Travel Destination Guide

For the most comprehensive travel guides and travel tips for all things related to travel in Great Britain

Broken Jaw Travel

The backpacking lifestyle with articles featuring equal parts information and comedy

Bruised Passports

An offbeat travel and bohemian fashion blog by Savi and Vid

Brendan’s Adventures

Read from Brendan, who made travelling his career

Bucket List Journey

A travel blog featuring worthy experiences in travel, food, and adventure that will surely inspire

Budget Traveller

Kash has been travelling in style on a budget and challenging people to think differently about budget travel

Budget Travel Adventures

A budget travel guide that teaches you how to experience the most out of your trip without spending too much

Budget Travel Talk

A travel blog where one can get to know how travel big without spending big amounts of money

Budget Travel Tips

Budget travel tips that will give you a wealth of resources related to travelling

Budget Travelers Sandbox

Tips and advice related to budget travel

Budget Travel Intentions

For all of the best budget ideas that will make your journey the best value possible

Burger Abroad

Vegan solo travel inspiration and tips

Butterfly Diary

A travel blog that also focuses on fashion and beauty

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