Rosendo Cuyasen


In terms of inferior humans, the list would be too long, but recently, a Pinoy webmaster wannabe called Rosendo Cuyasen from developed a basic draft of this travel blog. It was kept on his own server as I hadn’t register the Lifetour domain yet. When the time came to migrate the site to the actual Lifetour server, he refused to provide access to the data, and tried to extort more money for a job that had already been paid for! Stay away from this crook. I sacked him immediately and hired instead a new web developer, along with a lawyer and a nasty debt collector.

The full details of Rosendo Cuyasen are:

Name: Rosendo Cuyasen
Address: 1235 PC Hill, Apas, Cebu City, Philippines
Email: [email protected] ; [email protected]
Tel.: +63 32 266 3540; +63 32 514 2699; +63 922 510 4424; +63 997 479 8147
Skype: Eyewebmaster
Twitter: @eyewebmaster