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Blogs of the Month

Adventurous Kate

Kate is showing us how we can travel the world on our own - easily, safely, and adventurously

Young Adventuress

Funny reports of a young lady’s adventures around the world

Tales from Over the Horizon

Because you never know what is behind the corner

Tanama Tales

Sharing the beauty of life - one story at a time

Teach English Travel Overseas

An ultimate guide to teaching English & travel overseas

Team Nomad

Follow Steve and Becky, who enjoy overseas adventures

Tech Guide For Travel

The geeky side of backpacking


The people we meet, the food we eat & the places we discover

Tend to Travel

Architect and travel blogger shares his tips

That Backpacker

Born in Canada, raised in Argentina, always dreaming of the road…

That Global Roamer

Nikki is constantly on the lookout for new and amazing places

The Adventure Junkies

“Don’t dream it. Live it”

The Adventures of D

Life is not about living happily ever after, it’s about living here and now

The Adventures of TK and G-Man

Follow the adventures of TK and G-Man

The Asian Persuasion

Asian news, culture and travelling tips from an expat’s perspective

The Aussie Flashpacker

Bringing you the best in luxury and adventure travel

The Big Fat World

A backpacker’s travel blog

The Big Travel Theory

Where life and travel meet together

The Boho Chica

Travel inspiration

The Broke Backpacker

Travelling the World on the cheap with Will Hatton

The Constant Rambler

Road trips and pet travel adventures

The Conversant Traveller

Wanderings and wonderings: travel tips and observational writing from the road

The Dromomaniac

The science and philosophy of one-way travelling

The Ego Tripper

A quirky travel blogging with great stories, tips and advice

The Euro Lifestyle

Enjoying travel in Europe with an emphasis on a high quality of life

The Flying Fugu

A foodie travel blog dedicated to all delicious & exotic things

The Jungle Princess

If you want to change your life…

The Last Stop

The last greatest adventures you’ll ever need

The Loaded Handbag

Travel that is loaded with great content

The Lost Backpack

Travel that involves leaving the backpack behind

The Lost Passport

Traveling the unknown

The Luggage List

Independent travel blog and luggage review site

The Mellyboo Project

Join Melissa, as she explores every last inch of the World

The Minute Tour

Inspiring travelling

The Philippines Expat

An expat blog on living, working, traveling in Cebu City and the Philippines

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

She has no home, her home is the World

The Plane Hoppers

Travel inspiration and tips

The Planet D

Dave & Deb are Canada’s top adventure travel blogging couple

The Prague Wanderer

Czech out the Prague Wanderer

The Professional Hobo

The pros and cons of full-time travel in a financially sustainable way

The Rio Vibe

The Rio Vibe is a fresh tourists’ guide to Rio de Janeiro with insiders travel tips

The Road Dog Blog

For those always travelling

The Road To Anywhere

“Live free, love life, see the world”

The Savvy Globetrotter

Travel smarter with Patti

The Time-Crunched Traveler

A travel info site helping professionals make the most of their vacation time

The Time To Go Is Now

“You can always make more money but you can’t make more time”

The Travelers Blog

A travel blog written by a traveller for travellers

The Travel Pixie

The best on travel tips, trips & tales from all over the globe

The Traveller World Guide

A humorous guide to partying and touring around the World

The Traveling Dutchman

Jasper ditched his cubicle job to pursue a life of adventure as an online entrepreneur

The Traveling Fool

One foolish trip at a time

The Travelling Squid

Travelling awakens all dreamers, thinkers and believers

The Traveling Tortuga

The ultimate source for travel content to help inspire people

The Traveling Tramp

“Home is everywhere”

The TVR Blog

Budget travel for all by Nathan

The Wandering Broski

“Live for the journey, not the destination”

The Working Traveller

A travel site about staying abroad for longer

The World Is Waiting

Expat observations, travel tips, photos & inspiration from around the World

The World Or Bust

Travel babble at its best

The World Pursuit

Cameron and Natasha, an American couple, love backpacking

There And Back Again Travel

The blog of a travel addict always looking for the next fix

There’s No Place Like Oz

Quit her job to live in Australia for a year

Things To Do In Miami & Miami Beach

Things to do in Miami & Miami Beach travel resource with tips from locals

This Way To Paradise

Your tropical destination guide for the best travel experience

Todo Tailandia

Tips for travelling

Tools of Travel

Simple travel lifestyle

Toot’n Towns USA

Discovering America’s hidden gem travel destinations

Top 100 Experiences

Discover the top travel experiences you can have around the World

Top 100 Travel Blogs

The Top 100 Travel Blogs as ranked by SEOmoz and Alexa indicators

Top Spot Travel

Where inspiration meets destination

Tourism Picks

Providing you with inside travel deals and destinations

Tourist 2 Townie

Marketing director turned to be a dream chaser – about traveling in South America

Trail of Ants

Travel site, packing travel tips and advice for Asia, Australia & New Zealand

Travel Addicts

A travel blog from travel addicts


A kiwi and a pom travelling the World on a budget and sharing their adventures, travel tips and inspiration

Travel & Tourism Guide

Your guide to the World

Travel Bay

Awesome travel tips for all kinds of vacations and destinations

Travel Blog

“Abroad to 50+ countries, living my dream & convincing you to do the same”

Travel Blog Advice

What you need to know about travel blogging

Travel Blog USA

A travel blog highlighting the best things to do while traveling in the US

Travel Bytez

Snippets of ramblings on travel, food, shopping & living

Travel Chica

Living simpler: consuming less & experiencing more

Travel China Cheaper

Travel to China the cheap easy way

Travel City Breaks

Travel tips and inspiration for anyone who wants to see the World - one city at a time

Travel Destination Bucket List

A travel site with many travel advices


For travellers, by travellers

Traveler Ahoy

Travel…you have only one life


Bram’s adventures around the World

Travel Fearlessly

The adventures of a woman, who missed her calling as a travel agent

Travel For Your Life

How to quit your job and travel the World, including detailed travel routes


Inspiring stories for a curious traveller

Traveling and Digging Art

Travel writer and a photographer sharing her love for art

Traveling Canucks

A site dedicated to travel, adventure discovering the World

Travelling Cheaply

Spend less & see more

Travel Destination is blog covering traveling destination around the World

Traveling Europe

Sarah shares her travels from all over Europe

Traveling in Focus

Get in focus and learn how to enjoy the trip of a lifetime on this travel blog

Travelling King

Budget travelling to Thailand and Australia

Travelling Hong Kong Girl

Follow the worldwide adventures of the Travelling Hong Kong Girl

Traveling 9 to 5

Changing how you spend your 9 to 5 life

Travelling Northern Ireland Flag

One world, one man, one flag

Traveling Liz

A search for knowledge, adventure & frequent flier miles

Traveling Round The World

“Where the hell is Rory?”

Traveling Savage

Exploring Scotland one month at a time with a focus on experiential travelling

Traveling Ted

A travel portal from a Chicago based adventurer

Traveling with a Camera

A travel blog focusing on photography from around the World

Traveling With Kids

Traveling with family is 4 times as fun!

Travelling With Me

Come & join Scott & follow his journeys by checking out his travel blog


Travel Far & travel wide with Tim Moon


Blog about travel – trends, news & deals

Travel Hysteria

The art of traveling and getting lost

Travel Jots

Handwritten notes of a traveller


Great travel interviews and travel links

Travel Maestro

The very best travel guides for travelling

An online travel magazine

Travel Notes

Photo travel journals from different parts of the globe


A cultural and luxury travel blog

Travel On The Go

Independent travel blog

Travel On Your Lonesome

Solo travel advice for solo female travellers

Travel Parrot

Travel hacking, life hacking and easy lifestyle

Travel Past 50

A travel blog for those who’ve been around

Travel Photography Tips

Ultimate guide for travel photography tips

Travels of Adam

Adam shares cultural things to do around the World

Travel Spots

The UK travel blog featuring holiday ideas

Travel The Middle East

Your guide to Middle East

Travel the World for Free

No money, no problem

Travel This Earth

Finding purpose in life through travelling

Travel Thru Las Vegas

Las Vegas travel tips for holiday visits

Travel Thru Massachusetts

Massachusetts travel tips for holiday visits

Travel Thru San Diego

San Diego travel tips for holiday visits

Travel Times Mag

Tips on where to go to experience nightlife abroad

Travel Transmissions

Good life transmissions from around the World


Top travel destinations

Travel with Kat

Travel writer, photographer and blogger discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines

Travel with Kids Blog

Information for when it comes to travelling with kids


Blog covering travel destinations around the World

Travel World Heritage

Evaluating UNESCO’s world heritage sites


Adventure, hiking and scuba travel blog


Travel hacking one trip at a time

Trip Ideas

A travel blog featuring trip and holiday ideas


Jim is traveling around Asia on a budget


A travel site offering the best tips, advice and information for your journey

Tropical Nomad

A travel blog that encourages you to travel, be happy & hustle


Travel tips, news and more from a French

True Nomads

True Nomads sharing their experiences on the road

True Travellers Society

Truly travelling the World…

Twenty Something Travel

Travel blog to encourage others to travel internationally

Two Bad Tourists

Come follow the journey of two bad tourists as they travel rtw

Two Thirsty Travellers

Hayden & Kelly are passionate about traveling

Typing to Taipei

Guide for everything Taipei-related: events, travel, art, culture & lifestyle

Uncornered Market

Travel blog by Dan and Audrey

Under The Same Sun

Any kind of travel that can be found under the Sun

Undiscovered Guide

Independent travel without the hassle

United States Tourist Attractions

Bringing America closer to you

Unfinished Man Travels

The world is your oyster - a travel blog with travel tips

Universal Traveller

Travelling around the World

U Pick A Path

Jake Moss decides where to travel next based on the decision of others

Vagabond Summer

A sports travel blog featuring stadiums and cheap food

Vagabond 3

A lifelong desire to explore

Vagabond Way

A free way of living

Vegas Travel Source

Comprehensive travel guide to Vegas


A narrative of hitchhiker travelling the World

Velvet Escape

“Go explore. Experience. And be inspired.”

Very Well Being

A travel blog on becoming a good human

Villa Dream Vacations

The most interesting and luxurious villas and hotels worldwide

Visa Nerd

A travel blog focusing on information and tips to make border crossings easier

Visit Ilocandia

For travel to Ilocandia in the Philippines

Volunteer Leaders

Travel the World as a volunteer

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