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Blogs of the Month

Adventurous Kate

Kate is showing us how we can travel the world on our own - easily, safely, and adventurously

Young Adventuress

Funny reports of a young lady’s adventures around the world

Naked Eye Travel

A traveller’s look at the world

Never Ending Voyage

Because life is short & the World is large

New Travel Co

Travel advice for a variety of destinations

Information to help you plan your trip to the New York City

No Hanging Around

The ultimate adventurer travel blog

Nomadical Sabbatical

A Nomad’s musings on long term travel

Nomadic American

Heather is a young American enjoying travels around the world

Nomadic Notes

Travel notes from around the world by James Clark

Nomadic Photos

Travel photography by James Clark – over 1000s of photos from

Nomadic Samuel

Miles away from ordinary

No Place To Be

South-East Asia travel blog

Not Home

The independent voyages of Helen and Val around the World

Not Work Related

Travel, photography & blog

No Vacation Required

Life should be something you look forward to - every day

Off The Beaten Path Travel

Off the beaten path is form of travel

On and Off the Gringo Trail

An in-depth and gritty sketch of life on the road

One Giant Step

That’s all it takes

One Weird Globe

Traveling to the off-beat and bizarre destinations across Asia - since 2008

Only A Flight Away

You’re only a flight away from the vacation of your lifetime

On My Walkabout

Living vicariously through yourself

Ordinary Traveler

Inspiring travel blog focused on photography, backpacking & world travel


Sherry is a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveller Budget Adventure Travel Blog

James Cook & Jade Johnston’s travel blog

Outside Pursuits

Gear reviews and guides for people who like the outdoors

Outstanding Places

For the most outstanding places in the World to travel

Over Yonderlust

Travel blog with info on backpacking in South America


Videos, news, travel and more from Korea

Quiet Wanderings

Travel, adventure & photography

Paramount Travel Blog

Because travel is paramount to life

Passport Chronicles

Searching for unique and rewarding travel experience

Paul Kilfoil’s World of Travel

Blog featuring travel, technology and sports

Pause the Moment

A travel blog & budget travel resource source

Peanuts or Pretzels

Find your travel adventure, follow Josh & Liz

Pergi Dulu

One Aussie and one Indo travelling the world

Peter Sommer Travels

Cultural tours and cruises in Turkey, Greece and Italy

Phil in the Blank

Teaching people how to draw camels & travel slowly

Philippine Travel Forum

Presenting you the beautiful places in the Philippines

Photos From Colombia

Stellar travel photos from all over Colombia

Pinay on the Move

Grace is always on the move blogging about her adventures

Places People Stories

Hanne, a twenty-something adventurer from Norway shares her stories

Planit NZ

Resource to planning trips to or in New Zealand

Plane News

For accurate planes news

Planned Traveller

Plan it and travel around the Planet

Pommie Travels

Travelling solo & working remotely around the world since 2008

Practical Adventurology

Escaping the 9 to 5 cubicle farm to travel the world

Prohl Travel

Greg Prohl’s personal site about travel, life and more

Project Hideaway

A luxury travel blog for the perfect getaway

Pursuit of Excitement

James Shannon’s travel blog focuses on World travel and outdoors adventure

Reclaiming My Future

“Join me. Follow me. Explore with me.”

Regular Wino

James Cave’s wine blog sampling from around the World

Renegade Travels

Travel, experience & live

Ritchy Feet

A blog by a budget backpacker

Road Affair

Ben and Jazzy share tips and stories on their budget travel blog

Road Forks

Akila and Patrick – as we travel, cook & eat our way around the world with our two dogs


Travel adventures & misadventures

Roaming Cooking

Cooking on the road made easy for travellers

Romancing The Planet

India’s luxury travel blog

Round The World We Go

Travel stories, photos and blogs from around the World

RTW Travel Guide

A travel blog covering destinations around the World

Routes North

Independent travel guide to Sweden

Runaway Brit

Tales of a girl on the run

Runaway Guide

Leif is sharing his travels, adventures, & budget travel tips


Travel, adventure and the expat lifestyle

Sally Around The World

A 30 year old Essex girl with a love for parties, ponies and travelling

Sammy’s Generic Travel Blog

Check out Sammy’s travel blog for inspiration

Santa Fe Travelers

The experts in travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sarah Somewhere

“Travel.  Follow your dreams.  Have adventures”

Seattle’s Travels

Conquering the country and the globe

Secret Traveller

A wonderful travel blog with great information and stories

See My Travels

Alison is passionate about travel and is currently exploring Canada

Seek Your Trip

Look for your trip & discover the world

Senior Travel Guides

A travel site related to travel for senior


Writing about beauty products, fashion, stilettos, career, food, travel and yes – LOVE

Short Travel Tips

Sharing travel experience

Shut Up and Go

Drop all the excuses not to travel and just shut up and go

Sick on the Road

The ultimate travel health blog

SilviuFlorinS Travel Blog

Silviu Florins Travel Blog

Simply Travelled

Encourages people to take a leap

Singapore Guide Online

Your guide to all things travel related to Singapore

Single Travel Blog

Travel blog for singles

Sit Down Disco

Adam, from Australia, shares his around the World travels on this blog


Vacation and travel advice for those visiting Slovakia

Smiling Faces Travel Photos

Daily travel photo featuring smiles from around the world

Solitary Wanderer

Tales and tips of a solo female traveller

Solo Friendly

All you need to travel is YOU

So Many Places

Kim & Brian are selling their stuff & embarking on a trip around the World

Someday I’ll Be There

A travel blog by an Egyptian traveller – from an Egyptian point of view

Somewhere Or Bust

Travel stories, tips and misadventures

South America Tourist

A great resource for backpacking South America

South America Tourist Attractions

Traveling through all of South America

Souvenir Finder

A traveller’s guide to explore a culture through its souvenirs

Special Holidays Guide

Travel blog that specializes in ‘special’ types of holidays

Spunky Girl Monologues

About a solo female traveller and photographer

Start To Run

The travellers’ guide on how to make and save money abroad

Step Up Dive In

Live for today and follow your passions

Stop Having A Boring Life

Rob’s been traveling the World since September 2009

Stranded Passengers

Travel the world and get lost along the way…

Stranger and Pilgrim

Get ready for amazing adventures

Strux Travel

Be a traveller, not a tourist

Suitcase and Heels

Global adventures from a style-minded traveller

SuitQais Diaries

Because the road to anywhere is better than the road to nowhere…


Ocean filled adventures from California to New Zealand

Suzy Guese

Traveling with a redheaded temperament Suzy

Swig Meets World

Explore – Dream – Discover

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