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Blogs of the Month

Adventurous Kate

Kate is showing us how we can travel the world on our own - easily, safely, and adventurously

Young Adventuress

Funny reports of a young lady’s adventures around the world

Caffeinated Traveller

A traveller who is addicted to coffee and trips

Camels & Chocolate

A wonderful, around the world, travel blog from a confessed travel addict

Camper Van Trips

Some of the best camper van trips and holidays from around the world can be found here on this travel site and blog

Candice does the World

Candice shows you how she wanders the world

Canucking Abroad

This is the guide for Canadians travelling both at home and overseas

Canvas of Light

A travel photography blog by Matador Editor, Daniel Nahabedian

Captain and Clark

These two travel bloggers are perceived as modern cartographers

Career Break Secrets

For those who are considering taking a career break from work and start travelling - life is too short!

Cecily Travel

Check out Cecily, a world traveller, photographer & writer

CC Food Travel

Food, culture and travel blog

Changes in Longitude

Sometimes we can all be guilty of not pursuing out dreams

Chasing the Unexpected

Chasing the unexpected journey is one that will get you off the beaten path

Chasing Travel

Cristina, a 20-something TV journalist, stopped chasing news and started to chase the globe

Che On The Road

Che is a girl from the Philippines, who is out there to explore the world

Cheapest Destinations Blog

Cheapest destinations blog, written by an expert on where and how to travel well for less money

Cherina Hadley

If you’re looking for stunning travel photography come and check out the travel blog run by Cherina

Cheryl Howard

Cheryl has a travel blog that covers European travel & expat life

Chicky Bus

By Lisa, finding the top off the beaten path types of destinations around the world

China Adventurer

A travel blog focussed specifically on content related to travel and living in China

China Travel Story

A creative backpacker lives and travels in China

Chris M Blyth

Here you’ll discover travel experiences of a musician & photographer in India

Christina Hegele

Christina Hegele’s explores destinations around the world with a focus on New Zealand


This is a blog combining health and easy living

City Gal On The Go

Travel blog helps everyone to travel & enjoy big cities like New York more efficiently

Colleen Brynn Travels

“It’s not just travel, it’s my life”, it’s Colleen motto

Confessed Travelholic

For those of you addicted to travel and adventures find the advice from a self-confessed travelholic on the road

Consulting Rehab

First, admit you have a problem, then take a break and travel!

Country Guides

Comprehensive travel and city guides, which makes your next trip as memorable and full of activities as possible

Couple Travel

If you’re travelling as a couple you may want to consult this site for the best advice, guides & suggestions for your next trip

Couples Vacations

The ultimate guide for traveling as a couple - here you’ll find tips for vacations, honeymoons & romantic getaways

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Here you will find adventures of the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler, who loves to live and lives to travel around the world

Creative Escape

For your next trip consider a wonderful creative escape that involves getting out of your comfort zone

Crossing World Borders

Try to make your travel look easy with this site

Ctrl Alt Travel

A great around the world travel blog with a focus on helping you to plan your next trip

Curb Free With Cory Lee

A travel blog devoted to sharing the experience of travelling from a wheelchair user’s perspective

Curious Nomad

A travel blog that will teach you to backpack smart, make friends on the road, and explore cultures of the world

Cycle Trekker

Adventures around the world on two wheels

Cycling El Mundo

Bicycle touring and travel adventures around the world

Cycling the Six

Cycling around the world on a journey that includes North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and others

Daily Propaganda

This travel blog provides an abundance of photography & travel writing from a passionate traveller

David M Byrne

David is a passionate photographer, talented image artist and around the world traveller

Daydream Away

Abby is a life-long travel junkie journalist, who works hard to find adventure in everyday day’s life

De La Pura Vida Costa Rica

Come check out this great travel blog from a freelance graphic designer and teacher based in Costa Rica

Delusional Journey

Travels with Harrison to Nepal

Departing Melbourne

This is a travel blog featuring funny narrative covering holidays and planning to inspire others

Destination Unknown

Travel blogger, photographer and solo wanderer

Different Doors

A travel blog providing you with more stories per journey

Digital Nomad Community

If you’re an aspiring nomad, or just thinking about living that kind of lifestyle, then this is the site for you

Discount Travel Blogger

Travel cheap, fun and worry free…

Discover Your Honeymoon

Looking for your honeymoon destination can be fun

Don’t Ever Look Back

Amy and Kieron share their adventures around the world on this travel blog

Don’t Fly Go

A travel site that encourages one to travel overland as opposed to other transportation to help the environment

Don’t Forget To Move

Travel for cheaper

Don’t Stop Living

As a passionate traveller, Jonny Blair runs a travel blog that encourages you to pursue a lifestyle of travel

Double-Barrelled Travel

Follow Dave and Carmen as they travel around sharing their stories, photos and videos

Downtown Traveler

The Downtown Traveler is a travel site that focuses on the arts, culture, and adventure when exploring various destinations

Dream A Little Dream

This travel site documents and records a Canadian couple’s dream to travel the world and pursue their passions

Dream Euro Trip

This is a guide to planning & budgeting your trip around Europe

Dream Holidays Guide

Amazing destinations around the world worth exploring on your next big journey, holiday or extended trip

Easy Travel

If you’re looking for the easy way you’ve come to the right place

Eating The Globe

A world-based food and travel writer and photographer capturing restaurants, street food, markets, and food stories


Eating and exploring my way around the world

Edgy Mix

A travel and lifestyle blog offering up the best in travel, fashion and lifestyle advice, tips, recommendations, guides and more

Endlessly Changing Horizons

Miranda and Dylan run a travel blog where they blog about expat life in Scotland

Epic Curiosity

One more trip, one more bite, one more beer

Erika’s Travels

Insights and anecdotes from a life on the road


Join Rob and Lina share stories from their $1000 per person/month journey

Escaping Abroad

James is crazy about travelling around the world and getting into unknown adventures

Escaping London

Traveling the world cheaply and having fun


A frugal travelling couple that loves to travel like tramps around the world for less than $25 a day making the most of their journeys

E Travel Blog

This is a great site to visit for the best tips for off the beaten path places and trip ideas around the world

Eurail Travels

A travel blog with a specific and refined focus on European train travel adventure

Europe For Travellers

Wonderful guides, tips, advice, information and trip itineraries for Europe

Europe Travel Destination Guide

The ultimate travel destination guide that highlights the best cultural events and attractions in Europe


This is a travel blog with a focus on vagabonding, backpacking around the world and long-term indefinite travels

Everywhere Once

Brian & Shannon hit the road on a true global travel adventure to exotic lands far away

Expert Vagabond

This is an adventure travel blog that highlights the most exciting destinations around the world

Explore Midlands

Travelling in the Midlands and the UK

Explore Philippines

A site dedicated to the promotion, exploration, and conservation of the Philippines tourist attractions

Explored Planet

Exploring the world step by step

Explorer Sue

Your Pacific Northwest travel resource

Eye and Pen

Brandon is a writer with a passion for travelling

Fab Meets World

UK travel & food blog

Family Vacation Ideas

Vacation ideas for family travels

Family Vacations US

Traveling with kids is hard… With this blog you will have it easier

Famsterdam Life

This is a blog related to all things travel with a specific focus on bicycle journeys in and around The Netherlands

Feretting Out The Fun

With an adventurous spirit and an open mind, one can have fun almost everywhere

Film & Travel

If you love travelling and movies, this is the site for you

Finding the Universe

Laurence’s travel blog covers topics related to travel & life with a healthy dose of humour

First Time Travels

This blog covers trips that are made for the very first time

Flashpacking around the World at 40

A gay couple in their 40s have decided to take a career break to travel globally on an indefinite journey

Flashpacker Family

The blog gives an emphasis on family fun and happy times on the road for a great life

Fleeting Life

Christina Gmyr is a goofball, dancer, and travel addict who left her job in NYC to search a meaningful life experience


Flip loves to share his travel experiences from the Philippines and other countries

FOGG Odyssey

Over 30 countries covered with beautiful photography & interviewing locals along the way

Food by Foot

Wondering around the world one step at the time

Fotoeins Fotopress

Henry Lee’s personal photography & travel site covering destinations both near and far that are dear to his heart


Anil Polat, a digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely with no plans of giving up the digital nomadic lifestyle he enjoys so much

Frameless World

A travel blog by Bino Caiña, features photography

Frank About Croatia

Croatia travel guide and blog - Frank’s View

Freelance Honeymoon

Graphic designer and Advertising expert are traveling the world

From a traveller’s desk

A travel blog that will inspire you to travel around the world finding your adventures

Gap Year Escape

You seeking the ultimate travel advice or you planning or doing a gap year trip - this is the travel blog for you

Gastronomic Nomad

A travel blog for those, who want to travel cheap and eat well

Geeky Explorer

Bruno loves penguins and ice cream and shows you how to travel smarter

Geriatric Traveller

The Geriatric Traveller provides inspiration and travel tips for mature travellers on around the world journeys & adventures

Get In The Hot Spot

This travel blog covers only the best travel stories & travel advice that one could possibly ever need to follow

Getting Stamped

Hannah & Adam love to share their stories from around the world

Ginger Nomads

A travel blog from a sassy red-headed girl, who is off to explore the world on her own terms

Girl vs Globe

A travel blogger, a student and aspiring grown-up

Global Debauchery

A blog devoted entirely to the overindulgence of wanderlust

Global Grasshopper

This site provides travel tips & inspiration for those wanting to learn how to travel the world

Global Travel Guide

A great travel guide including wonderful tips, resources and planning tools


Travel blog with useful articles and tips to make your backpacking experience better


Find out information related to independent travels abroad

Goats On The Road

For independent and off the beaten path travel check out this travel blog by Nick & Dariece

Go Backpacking

Travel blog offers backpacking tips for the independent type of budget traveller 

Going Abroad

If you’re thinking of going abroad check out this travel site that provides tips and advice for travellers

Going Awesome Places

Will’s travel blog features detailed itineraries and travel tips on how you can travel better, cheaper and smarter

Going Homeless Project

This is a resource travel site for nomad life

GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

This is a magazine and a top resource specifically for the independent travellers

Good Trippers

These guys are the types of people who like to eat, sleep and travel responsibly or - eco friendly

Go See Write

Michael is an adventurer, who loves to be on the road.  His site offers tales of adventure travels from the ‘mobile lawyer’

Go World Travel Guide

If you’re searching for a travel guide this site offers extensive travel tips

Green Travel

This is a travel site focused specifically on encouraging greener travels (“take only pictures, leave only footprints”)

Greg Goodman. Travel Photographer & Storyteller

Using photographic storytelling, we’ll unite our global community … and inspire your wanderlust”

Groove Traveler

A travel site that focuses on checking out the world through music

Grounded Traveler

Is it possible to put down roots and still see the world? It sure is.  This travel blog will show you exactly how to do that…

Grown-up Travel Guide

Inspiration, entertainment and information for the post-backpacking generation

Grrrl Traveler

This travel blog documents the imperfect adventures of a solo traveller making her way around the world

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